Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Birth Story

Ok first off, sorry it took so long but we've been very busy being TOTALLY AWESOME here. I just haven't felt like screwing with my computer yet, but here it is!

  Well, as some of you know I have been bitching and moaning about NEEDING an induction on account of the SPD pain. I had an appointment Monday morning and was going to beg the OB to induce me that night. Well, on Sunday I ended up taking a small COMA on my couch (which I never do, this was beyond a nap, I was unconscious) after that I cleaned my kitchen. Scrubbed the sink out with Comet which is usually a once a month job for me. Then I scrubbed the cabinet doors, walls, and cleaned out my cupboards. Should have known something was up, but chalked it up to being anxious about my appt.
  Well I went to bed like normal, and at about 11 while watching Hoarders (and being super glad I had cleaned...) I felt like a small little gush of something, but it looked like just discharge so didn't get excited, but couldn't get it out of my mind that it was really my water breaking. At about 1 am I woke up feeling like I was FULL of something, my whole lady bits, it honestly felt like I had to pee, and it was just going to come out like it or not. Stood up and made it to the bathroom, and it was the same thing as before, but more watery. Still didn't think it was my water breaking. 20 minutes later there was no mistaking it. I felt it gush, stood up and it was all down my legs. I sat on the toilet a while, waiting to see if my bladder was just over full, and waiting on the panties to dry out some. They were so soaked they didn't dry, so I sniffed them wet. It didn't smell sweet at all, but just like gross sweat and nasty. So the sweet smell isn't a hard fast rule, by any means. At that point I was still in denial, no way would it be THIS easy!! I got a shower and called the MW, got dressed and makeup on and tried to wake my mom up. She wasn't answering so I just putzed around, repacked my bag and got Gavin up and dressed and in the car. Got to my moms, and she thought I was making it up, or mistaken. I got to the hospital around 3, and admitted at about 4:30 am. I had the most AMAZING nurses to help me, and was just so jittery. I had such a bad experience last time that I was sure it wouldn't go well this time.
  I started Pitocin at 6 am, was only dilated to 1-2 after an hour of steady hard contractions, the MW thought I had a band of scar tissue holding me back. She let me get my epi. then, because I wasn't going to progress until she could "stretch" my cervix out some. I got that, and it hurt like hell but it was WORTH IT. It took a while to take on both sides, but once it did my ctrx went from 4-5 to 10 each time, 1-2 mins apart. Couldn't feel it! I only knew because my mom kept saying "Holy shit, those are big ctrx. Are you sure you can't feel it?!" No mom, no I can't. 
  By 10 am I was relaxing, on FB and talking to my best friend who was there with me. At about 10:20 I started to get really really nauseous and having bad pain right where the HB monitor was on my belly. I paged the nurse, hit the epi. button and waited. I knew it was transition time and started to freak out a little, but I didn't say anything. My mom was outside having a smoke, and I kind of figured just since she was gone it would happen then! As she walked in they were checking me, my mom says "Oh, has she made any progress yet?" Nurse says "Oh yeah! She's ready to go and baby's already coming down!" As she is RUNNING out of the room!!! 
  The midwife comes rushing in pretty fast, pulls the covers back and tries to check me but the baby was down so far she couldn't. She could only get up to a knuckle and a half. Mind you, this is only TWO HOURS after the epi. 8 cm in two hours...I'm a pro! They didn't have time to do anything but pull the tray out, slap on gowns and catch! I really didn't have to push, and when I did it was not hard at all, just a little. I started laughing when she got out to about her ears, and the rest of her just came! Only a small superficial tear with 2 stitches in it and I was DONE!
  After she was born I realized I didn't feel the IMMEDIATE almost borderline psychotic rush of love like I did with my first. I was just confused, becuase this seriously looked like a strangers baby. NOT like me! Plus she was so tiny I just couldn't process it. But I was still so happy that she cried and was vigorous and had good muscle tone. I just knew she was alright, and not like Gavin. Nothing could have touched me right then, I was in heaven. My baby girl was ok. After 39 weeks of constant panic, fear, anxiety, worry and mania, she was PERFECT....healthy. There are no words to describe how grateful I am that she is so wonderful.
  Her big brother loves her insanely, calls her "his baby" and thinks she's too cute. Thank goodness, because I was worried! 4 year olds are not predictable. 

 As of right now, we've been home for 24 hours, as I left after one day there, I hated that place. The staff was nice enough, but I wasn't getting rest or eating because the food was so awful and the nurses were in every 3-60 minutes waking one of us up! No way Jose! She is a really sleepy little girl, who has taken to brestfeeding so wonderfully. She is probably the most laid back little baby you could find. I'm so blessed that she is all mine, and so great. I was so scared to be a single mom to two kids, especially with never having cared for a newborn before, but she's making my job simple! She sleeps all the time, and rarely fusses. When she does, it's not for long! I could go on all day, and probably will another time :)

 In short, after 4 hours of labor, 5 minutes of pushing my perfect little peanut of a baby is here! 
Rowan Grace
 7 lbs
19 1/4 inches

(My last belly pic, at 1 am, after my shower!)

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