Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I know I know (Giveaway)

I know I've been super duper lax about posting, but I've been INSANE busy here. I've started getting enough orders to keep me busy every night, and then some! I'm turning out tutus like hot cakes and now making hats and other photography props for babes and kids! I'm so excited to be doing something I really enjoy. I'm also in school too, so that's eating up a considerable chunk of time.

 Now, for YOUR assignment tonight, I want you to check out this giveaway (Oh, and both lovely places involved as well). I have been a big big fan of Banner Boutique for quite a while now, and Chrissie Marie Photography has some amazing photos, although we know I"m a total sucker for cutesey newborn pics! So check out this link, and support some of these hard working women!


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