Saturday, October 9, 2010

No news is good news?

 I guess that's how I'm operating these days. I've been so overwhelmed it's absurd, and I feel like it's never going to get better. I can't find time to do anything around here, at all. I'm never home, because if were not going to some appointment, I'm trying to stay away from this apartment. It's so out of control here, just messy. I can keep up with the bare minimum, which is keeping it sanitary and not dangerous, but apart from's a wreck.

 I make tutus now. That enterprise has completely taken over my poor living room. There are tutus everywhere, and the various things needed to make them! I have to get the finished ones out of here, but I want to get 2 more made so I can take 5 to sell. Then I have 2 custom ones that need made, I'm going to do that tonight.

 In Girl news, she apparently does NOT have reflux and is just colicky. I call shenanigans, this doctor is an asshat. When she was in the hospital for 5 whole days, the doctors didn't think she was colicky. He told me to take her off of all of her meds and try nursing her more. NO thanks, I"m going to do what is right for my child, and not what you think I should after looking at her for all of 5 minutes and not listening to a word I say. I've decided that if her reflux isn't drastically improved by 3 months (which is when most kids typically see a big improvement) I'm taking her to a different Ped. GI specialist. More than anything I just wish she'd wake up and be over it. She could go back to nursing, instead of having thickened more crying, no more pain. Just my happy baby back!

 I think the pumping constantly is the reason I'm so overwhelmed. It feels like all I'm doing any more is pumping, making a bottle, feeding, propping her up and starting all over again. I have zero time for anything else, and it shows. My Boy is still in "I hate you for abandoning me" house is trashed, I'm depressed about not being able to do everything, and I'm still wondering how in the HELL everyone else gets it done! There's not  enough of me to go around!

 Ok, enough of that, some pictures!


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