Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Impromptu Dr. visit

  Had to swing by the good ol' doctors office today, because I'm a huge worrier. HUGE. Everything is "good" though. Just a slightly elevated BP and hormonal headache. So I'm relieved, just wish The Boy would have been calmer. He was all over the place and in general stressing me out because the office is TINY. I would pay good money to have a little play area, or even better, child care while I see the midwife. Just 15 minutes alone so I can talk in peace, or even remember what my questions were!!! Ah. Oh well, I have some more pictures.


  1. I love your belly! and I'm glad everything turned out to be OK :) Hope they come up with a day care for the kiddies soon! lol

  2. Oh boy, that would be too much to ask for Kaliani! Normally I have The Boy's DS with us, so he was climbing the walls with no video games! Bad Mommy. Never again will I make that mistake!

  3. Just dropping in from Baby Center (Signshan). I'm glad everything turned out okay. And I *love* your music. Never heard of John Coulton before, but I'm a huge TMBG fan, and he's pretty similar.