Sunday, June 20, 2010


  I.AM.SO.EXHAUSTED. Part and parcel of this "condition". But A LOT of work got done in 36 hours. My apartment is CLEAN, organized, and re-arranged, it looks great. Mother did it all, and I'm so thankful she did. It's been exhausting, just for the fact that I don't sleep well when I know she's here. It makes me anxious, I don't like leaving people in my home alone. It makes me feel bad. Oh well.

  I went to Cheesecake Factory last night, and it was wonderful. I want to go back tomorrow, and the day after. I just wish I'd remembered to grab my food from the Friend's fridge. Oh well I'm sure he'll eat it tonight!

  I have pictures to add tomorrow, when I"m NOT so sleepy (hopefully) of our fireworks escapade. It has a pretty funny story that I just don't feel like typing all out right now.

  In the mean time, I'm frustrated with trying to figure out Blogger and their layout system. I don't like their templates, and trying to do my own is NOT easy like Myspace (yeah I know...I know) is. They're a piece of cake, this, not so much. So it'll look janky for a while. Deal with it. <3 Another thing I want is one of those cute little add on siggies ya'll have. JEALOUSY!

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  1. I can try and help you change your blog! I'm actually trying to figure out html so I can start designing blogs because I found a new love for photoshop lol

    here's my friend's blog I did (just a start to figuring out html)

    anyways let me know and we can get started on designing yours!