Monday, June 14, 2010

My boobs

 Started working this past week. I'm really really not happy about this. I'd hoped for AT LEAST 4 more weeks of milk free bliss before this baby. Not.Going.To.Happen. Nuh-uh no way. Now not only am I depressed about giving birth and never sleeping again, my boobs aren't even mine (not like I need them, or anyone else for that matter). It's just a "final straw" situation. The one thing that happened on top of all else that made me cry like a b**ch for 3 hours. Which only made the pain and itchy leaky feeling worse. Yeah, so while grateful for having fountainous breasts and no trouble in the supply department, I'm a little sad. I officially only had a 1 year reprieve of NO breastmilk. "Overachievers" is what my doctor labeled them. Joy.

 Ok, I'm through whining. I really feel as if I shouldn't, but it's my blog and I'll cry if I want to. It's been a really long rough week, and I'm not sure I even want to open the blinds or go outside this week, for fear of it repeating. Yes, I'm afraid of having a Groundhog's Day.

 Yesterday was Gram's 65th birthday, and all in all, for having spent the entire day at my mother's house, it wasn't so bad. Normally it's only an hour or two before Mother gets so high strung and anxious that I'm ready to explode with frustration. No one yelled yesterday (not counting kids). That's an event. I got some pictures, and not much else to add right now. My brain is foggy due to the distinct lack of egg salad and bread in my kitchen.

 We played baseball:

 I tried to get a few shots of The Niece. Didn't work out too well. The brat will let her mother take pictures ALL day, and will ham it up. I try, NO GO!

 There were Brats to be had (which I LOVE). One of my big cravings has been for Miracle Whip and Mustard (on anything) so these are right up my alley. I took a picture because I'm fat and love food to an inappropriate level.

And this is what happens when I get caught taking a picture of the food. Folks, meet my family....

And now folks, 29 week bare pasty white belly shots, if you're one of my friends who has NO desire to see them, now would be the time to tune out. I feel even more adamant about taking a picture every week, change or no, in homage to those of you who still desperately wish they were taking them too.

Those boobs are large and in charge....and leaking.


  1. lovin the belly shots! lol oh and my boobs were also "over-achievers" even with a 1lb 7oz baby! They called me the milk maid. lol

    BTW your son is adorable :D

  2. Ohh thank you! And yeah, it's near disgusting. I tried to nurse The Boy once, in NICU and it backed up out of his nose. I ran out of storage room and had to donate some before it went "bad" because I had NO room to store it. Between 4 freezers....I might pump and donate this time. It's like my body knows it's calling!