Wednesday, June 16, 2010


  I figured out what the GodAwful smell was. Mulch. Cheap, nasty mulch. I've never smelled anything like it in my entire life, and Mother is a religious mulcher! Geeze ow it stinks, still. It's been about 48 hours since they laid it out, and it's going strong.

  In other news they're finally coming to clean my gutters, after 6 phone calls/voicemails complaining about it! Now I can actually open my living room window instead of being terrified it's going to sprinkle rain and POUR into my apartment, thus ruining more carpet. I think I'm going to weasel new carpets out of this whole fiasco. Mine are stained from a horrid bitch ex-roomate (who is now currently shacked up with Rowan's dad. Classy, right?) and one of The Boy's painting excursions. So then maybe, if that works, I get my security deposit back. Evil me. SCREW THE MAN.

  Got a few pictures yesterday, the kids were being funny, and every time I tried to get a pic of The Niece all over The Boy and his game, they'd move!

 That is all for now. Nothing interesting has happened as of late. I'll be sure to tell you if it does though.

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